Fencing Unlimited - Bunbury

Commercial and industrial gates to protect your assets.

Whether it is for commercial or residential, security or decorative purposes, we can create the gate to suit you.

  • Garrison
  • Industrial sliding gates
  • School specification fencing and gates
  • Boom gates
  • Bollards


Based upon the principles of counter balancing, these systems are designed and engineered with a strong emphasis on safety.

Caters for road widths from 3 meters to 10 meters . Needs no road rails, tracks or overhead supports

Not affected by road crowns, kerbs and falls for drainage in roads with all civil works to install the gate undertaken off to the side of the secured road

Why choose a Cantilever gate:

  • Heavy duty Commercial construction
  • Elevated motor/gearbox and electrical controls
  • True Programmable Logic Control
  • True industrial quality 75KW drive motor and gearbox mated to steel racking
  • Variable opening and closing speeds
  • Effortless “quick release handle” for manual operation in the event of power stoppage
  • Fully compatible with all access control systems

Commercial Gates

If you would like to know more about our Commercial Gates Product range, give us a call on 9725 6800 or request a quote.