Fencing Unlimited - Bunbury

Payment options for your new fence or gates.

Fencing Unlimited accept:

  • Direct debit
  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Cash and
  • have an Easy to Apply Payment Plan

Fencing Unlimited in partnership with Certegy Ezi-Pay offer you an easy to apply payment plan so you can make a purchase and pay for it in convenient fortnightly instalments.  Just click on the Apply Now button below to start the pre-approval application process.

One of the great benefits of a Certegy Ezi-Pay payment plan is that you never pay interest on the amount you owe. You will pay an establishment fee between $35 and $90 to set up your account, and this is payable over the term of the plan. There is a monthly account keeping fee of $3.50 which will be direct debited whilst your account remains active and a $2.95 payment processing fee that is included with each fortnightly payment. You know exactly how much you will get charged as long as you stick with your payment schedule, best of all there is No Interest Ever!

It’s easy to apply. You can either apply at a No Interest Ever! retailer as you are making your purchase or you can apply online before you shop. Your application will be assessed by our standard credit approval process. For more information and to apply online please visit www.certegyezipay.com.au


– FAQs

What is pre-approval?

Pre-approval means that we collect all the information we need to process your application and provide you with a pre-approval limit and number so that you’re ready to shop. To finalise your approval you’ll need to provide this number and the same ID as your application to your chosen retailer when you shop.

Because the deposit amount and the number of months you have to pay for your purchase can vary by retailer, we can’t finalise your approval until you have made a purchase.

How long does pre-approval last?

Pre-approval lasts for 60 days. The exact date your pre-approval expires will be confirmed at the same time as your pre-approval number.

What happens if I don’t use my pre-approval in 60 days?

If you don’t shop before your pre-approval expires then you’ll need to re-apply. Because we need you to confirm your details are up to date, you will need to start a new application and re-supply all your information. We may, in exceptional circumstances, extend your pre-approval because your purchase has been delayed by your chosen retailer or you want to shop on a specific date or at a specific event (such as a retailer sale). You will need to call us on 1800 088 151 to discuss whether we can extend your pre-approval.

Why do I need to supply my bank account/credit card details for pre-approval?

We always collect this information when you apply, to keep the process as quick and simple as possible. You won’t pay any fees, and nothing will be charged to your account, until you make a purchase and sign your Certegy Ezi-Pay agreement. Your chosen retailer will provide you with a final copy of your agreement. We’ll then send you confirmation of your payment schedule and the date and amount of your repayments.

Who can apply?

Pre-approval is really for consumers who have a good idea of how much they want to spend before they shop, as you need to confirm the amount you need when you apply. If you’re unsure, it’s better to apply as you’re making your purchase as you can’t ask for more once your application is pre-approved.

How do I apply?

Simply complete the online form, making sure you supply all the information requested. We’ll assess your application online and confirm the outcome while you wait. We may ask for more information if we can’t approve your application immediately.

What if my purchase is more expensive than my pre-approved limit?

Most businesses or retailers will ask you to pay an initial deposit when you shop and the remaining balance is then paid off through convenient fortnightly direct debits to your Certegy Ezi-Pay payment plan. If, even after your deposit is paid, your pre-approved limit does not cover the value of your purchase, you will be asked to increase your deposit to meet the shortfall. Your chosen retailer will confirm the full amount you need to pay as a deposit when you shop.

Why didn’t I get the pre-approval limit I asked for?

When we assess your application, we take account of many factors to make a decision on the amount you can have. We may decide from the information you provide that, although we are happy to pre-approve your application, we can’t approve the amount that you have asked for. In these circumstances we will confirm the amount that we are willing to pre-approve. You will then be able to decide whether you want to continue with the lower amount or call us to discuss your application further.

Does pre-approval guarantee me full approval when I shop?

Applying for pre-approval won’t always warranty approval at a Certegy Ezi-Pay retailer. However we will work with your chosen retailer to process your application fairly and approve wherever possible.

Can I still use Certegy Ezi-Pay if my pre-approved application is not successful?

If your application is not successful, you will be given a reference number and you can call us to discuss your application further. In some instances you may still be able to apply for an Ezi-Pay payment plan by providing more information. We will be able to advise you of this when you call.