We are a West Australian Company based in Bunbury.

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All balustrades are custom made to customers requirements and in line with the current rules and regulations.

Balustrades are primarily a safety barrier, however with the right design they can also be aesthetically pleasing.
There is no set sizing of materials for balustrades.

Our balustrade is similar to our decorative fence design in concept. Balustrades are designed for simple installation covering a wide range of formats. They are easy to fit to existing structures such as timber and brickwork. Suitable for small areas or due to the modular design, they can expand to contain any area. Our standard method of fixing is core fixed (concealed) into concrete, brick or limestone. Or we can base plate fix into steel or timber with all fixing concealed by a cover plate.

We also offer a selection of stainless steel balustrades to compliment our Aluminium range.

Minimum requirements guide for balustrades

  • Balustrade is required when there is a drop of 1000mm or more to ground level.
  • Balustrade on a slope (on a stair case or ramp) needs to be at least 865mm build height
  • Balustrade on a flat surface (along a veranda/balcony etc) needs to be at least 1000mm build height.
  • Gaps in balustrade cannot allow a 125mm sphere to pass through it
  • If balustrade is over 4000mm from ground level, there is to be no ‘climbing elements’ (e.g. horizontal rail) between 150 & 760mm of balustrade.

Handrails profiles available

rail-round rail-halfround rail-mushroom
Round Half Round Mushroom


We can custom design your barriers for all staircases and retaining walls.
We offer a choice of options lending endless beauty to your property but at the same time offering your family and friends sophisticated safety in style.